Payment & Pricing

Payment & Pricing:

  • The price of your holiday has been quoted in both USD / SGD and INR. Since these prices are subject to currency fluctuations – the higher of the two will be charged at the time of completion payment for your booking.
  • We urge our esteemed customers to make the complete payment at the time of booking to avoid any charges arising out of fluctuations.
  • In case of part payments Tourscave reserves all rights to charge the higher value applicable as per the quote, till the time final payment does comes in
  • We reserve the right to cancel your booking in case full and final payment is not made at the time of booking and later USD / SGD rate fluctuates . To avoid such situations, please make full and final payment at the time of booking.

Payment by Credit Cards:

  • Your verbal authorization, given to your Travel Agent, for the use of your credit card indicates your compliance with our booking conditions and confirm your reservation whether or not you have actually signed the appropriate authorization form. In the case where the traveler pays with a third person credit card, a written proof of consent must be provided. Once a credit card has been forwarded to Tourscave to guarantee a reservation, the travel agent becomes responsible for payment and must keep a signed copy of the customer’s authorization on file. In the event that a cardholder refuses to honor a charge due to the absence of signature, the Travel Agent will be held responsible for full payment of the services.

Know your Customer:  

  • As per RBI Guidelines, for any international booking being made, Tourscave will need a copy of passport of all the passengers travelling to the destination

Travel Insurance:

  • We strongly recommend customers purchase travel insurance that covers the risks associated with travelling to a foreign country such as emergency medical assistance and hospitalization as well as cancellations coverage and lost baggage. Consult with your Travel Agent for the plan best suited to your needs.
  • During the period of traveling, any loss or damage caused to the customer, shall be the sole responsibility of the customer only in case the insurance is not done. In case the insurance is done then Insurance company is solely responsible for any such loss. Tourscave shall NOT be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the customer while traveling even if Tourscave has been instrumental in providing insurance to the customer through insurance company.
  • In the event of any dispute, the dispute shall be referred to the sole arbitrator to be appointed by Tourscave and the matter shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of Nainital Courts only.

Taxes and Service Charges:

  • All tour packages are subject to various charges, such as destination hotel taxes and service charges, port taxes on cruises, local government taxes, handling charges as well as on packages inclusive of an airfare, airport taxes, security fees and departure tax. All such charges, as known at the time of printing, are included in Tourscave package price. However, such charges are subject to change and unless a holiday package is fully paid any increase will be paid by the passenger.
  • At the hotels, Check in time is 1400 Hours and Check out time is 1200 Hours. Early check In / Late checkout is subject to availability of room.
  • All our packages are based on Night basis and the last day is for check out which will be as per the hotel policy. Tourscave will not be responsible for any extension of stay in the hotel unless explicitly approved in writing by Tourscave.

Hope the above details are as per your requirements .In case of further clarifications or any question (s) please do contact us.

Waiting for earliest positive reply !!

Please note that we are not holding any reservation, rates are subject to availability at the time of booking and may change any moment without prior notice.

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